Dental Phobia

Are you avoiding going to the dentist – or do you go but dread it – lying awake the night before an appointment worrying about it?

Do you feel faint as soon as you are about to sit in the dental chair, perhaps you feel nauseous or your hands feel clammy, your heart may be beating faster?

If any of this sounds familiar you are suffering from dental phobia – which I’m sure you knew already and the good news is – hypnotherapy can help you!

Phobias have nothing to do with rational thinking, and are conditioned responses. As a Dental Hygienist, I became interested in dental phobia – which a large percentage of patients suffer from, some so severe that they put off going to the dentist for years. I attended a Hypnotherapy course to help patients with dental phobia and it was very successful. Some of the techniques I used were rapid, mostly based on breathing techniques and relaxation. It was so rewarding to see patients relax and cope with dental treatment whilst they appeared a lot calmer; most said after the treatment that they had not been worried and had felt very much in control.

It is so much better to attend for regular dental check-ups and to prevent problems before they start. Regular Hygienist appointments and advice on cleaning can prevent tooth loss.

When you are in hypnosis positive suggestions made to your subconscious mind can literally change those negative thoughts to positive ones and who knows – you could look forward to attending the dentist and hygienist!
We all want the perfect smile – beautifully even teeth that are a great colour look so good – and if we know our teeth look good – our smile will be natural and make people warm to us.